Environment Standards

by Homesick



"The Canadian producer putting the dirt back into breakbeat"
-Sónar Music Festival

"Calgary's HomeSick has carved out a lane for himself in the world of high-BPM club music — not just by running the Footwork Jungle online community, but also through his own, oftentimes amorphous productions and world-class DJ sets."
-Red Bull Music Academy

ENVIRONMENT STANDARDS - The title track of the album is a potent DJ tool that comes through playing with elements of 90s hardcore and Chicago battle footwork all neatly stitched together and brought into a modern club environment.

CARNIVORE VIP - This track rehash brings the deep breathing synths into a new light with breakbeats accenting the technical prowess that continually melts as the song progresses. This track is best served rare.

VIP RAVE - HomeSick builds a portal between early rave and modern club music with a tool that moves the most stubborn feet.

VIP RAVE (Sininstarr Ravegod Remix) - Detroits meanest makes his mark as the ravegod when he flips VIP RAVE on its head with heavy rhythms we could only expect from the man we call Sinistarr.


released July 1, 2016



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Modern Ruin Records London, UK

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