Southern Trax

by BSN Posse & Stayhigh



Modern Ruin is proud to present a split EP from BSN Posse and Stayhigh entitled "Southern Trax".

6 fantastic tracks form a cohesive and trademark package from start to finish.

BSN Posse kicks off this release with "All My Dreams" - a break sparingly used sets the laid back vibe while warm melodies sweep in and out throughout.
"I Want U" comes in at track 3 and is reminiscent of the late DJ Rashad in its style while at the same time incorporating their own finishing touch.
Their final contribution at track 5, "That Sax Tho", is a roller with a sax sample to die for - a sure hit with the ladies on the floor.

Stayhigh starts off on "You're Not Alone" and pulls no punches, launching straight into a haunting vocal oriented track with a filtered melody backed by
a frenetic footwork beat. "Never Forget" on track 4 also uses a saxophone to great effect while gently teasing the listener with percussive elements and
an addictive vocal hook, before launching into an unexpected breakbeat section.

A VIP of "Never Forget" ends this release, to similar effect, rounding off an astoundingly diverse set of tracks from the two contributors.


released December 4, 2015

Mastering - Allmostt Mastering
Write-up - Nikhil Ramakrishnan
Artwork - Henry Gervilla Edi MFX



all rights reserved


Modern Ruin Records London, UK

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